Top 10 Dogecoin New Casinos

Dogecoin (DOGE) payments have gained ground for many reasons. For one, they don’t have limitations for deposits and withdrawals. Moreover, transactions are safe and speedy. Plenty of new casinos online accept Dogecoin as it is effortless to pay with. Many gamblers can appreciate this digital coin because it facilitates transactions with lower fees than giant cryptos like bitcoin.

Punters looking to play at reliable and legal new casinos can depend on the information provided on this site. The best new Dogecoin casinos offer modern slots and inspiring games with a broad array of bonuses and perks.

Top 10 Dogecoin New Casinos
About DogecoinDeposit with Dogecoin
About Dogecoin

About Dogecoin

Dogecoin was invented by former IBM and Adobe software engineers Jackson Palmer and Billy Markus on December 6, 2013. It started as a joke, featuring Shiba Inu Dog as the logo. Soon after launch, it became pop culture, going by the hype the dog meme. What started as an online comedy turned out to be a user-friendly and decentralized cryptocurrency with meager fees. Some of its earliest uses were charities and online tipping. Up to 2022 Dogecoin ranks position 12 with a market cap of $22,787,606,651 on the coinmarketcap.

The creators initially wanted Dogecoins to have a fixed supply of 100 billion coins. But this cap was eliminated, and users continued to mine new coins. This decision aimed to keep the token price as low as possible. That is why it makes more sense to transact even small amounts with Dogecoin. It is no wonder it’s regarded as the currency of the people.

Dogecoin is incredibly popular with gamblers. They use it to place bets at new online casinos and hold it as a form of investment. Dogecoin is stored in the DOGE wallet, and its token can be traded on crypto exchanges for other digital coins. Dogecoin uses a decentralized network that facilitates peer-to-peer transactions like other digital currencies. Decentralization means no financial institution or authority executes the payments or controls the network.

About Dogecoin
Deposit with Dogecoin

Deposit with Dogecoin

Dogecoin is available on exchanges as an altcoin, but not all of them support it. Some platforms allow buying of DOGE with fiat currency. Users can store the altcoin on the exchange or a wallet (custodial or non-custodial), downloadable on Google Play and App Store.

Most new online casinos allow players to deposit with Dogecoin and go the extra mile of awarding bonuses and game prizes for using this method. Here is a simple process of depositing with Dogecoin:

  1. Sign-up to the best new Dogecoin casino
  2. Choose a new online casino game to play for real money
  3. Head to the deposit methods and click Dogecoin
  4. Receive a unique URL or QR code
  5. Copy the URL or code and paste it on your Dogecoin wallet
  6. Enter the number of Dogecoins to transfer to the new casino online
  7. Authorize the transaction

The deposit amount will reflect in the Dogecoin wallet and the new casino right away. The transaction speed surpasses any of the popular cryptocurrencies and conventional banking methods.

It is worth noting that Dogecoin transactions are irreversible, so it is crucial to confirm details before hitting any send button. Some fees may apply, but they are negligible and lower than Litecoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin charges. Some new casinos online may have commissions, so checking the terms and conditions is vital before placing a deposit.

Deposit with Dogecoin

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