Top 10 CFT(Card Funds Transfer) New Casinos

With different best-in-class online casinos offering CFT as a payment option, gambling enthusiasts looking for a convenient deposit or withdrawal method are now in luck. Most of these gaming platforms provide plenty of bonuses to help players make the most out of the money they deposit into their new online casino accounts via CFT.

Payout withdrawal through this payment system is unproblematic because the money is simply transferred back to a particular player's account. Before choosing a CFT casino, players must ensure that they like all the platform's other features. This is undoubtedly the best way to ensure they have unique experiences playing their favorite games.

Top 10 CFT(Card Funds Transfer) New Casinos
About Card Funds Transfer in new casinos

About Card Funds Transfer in new casinos

Card Funds Transfer (CFT) is among the most popular banking options for most new and trustworthy casinos. CFT is a perfect choice for players who are not comfortable using other complex payment methods and cannot access traditional bank accounts to make direct transfers.

It enables merchants to transfer money back into a given cardholder account.

Among the main reasons players prefer using CFT to deposit money into their online gaming accounts is that most new online casinos offer incentives for such deposits. A majority of the casinos online usually offer free spins, different bonuses, loyalty programs, and numerous other promotions to ensure players get the most from their deposits. Given the popularity of CFT, finding a suitable new online casino that offers all such incentives is not difficult.

One of the main benefits of using CFT to deposit money into an online gaming account is that it is relatively fast and easy. It is also considered among the safest methods of making online payments. That makes it particularly suitable for high rollers who deposit large sums of money.

Another benefit is that new international online casinos accept CFT payments. That means players can make deposits to any new online casino of their choice without worrying much about geographical boundaries.

About Card Funds Transfer in new casinos
Deposit with CFT (Card Funds Transfer)

Deposit with CFT (Card Funds Transfer)

There are many types of cards issued by credit card companies. Ideally, credit card providers offer credit to users, usually in loans. However, with Card Fund Transfer (CFT), the player’s card is debited directly to credit the new casino’s CFT account.

Making deposits with CFT should be as simple as purchasing an item online. The process can be summarized into the following steps:

  • Visit the banking page at the new casino site
  • Click on the deposit feature to reveal a drop-down list of the banking methods
  • Select Card Funds Transfer followed by your card type
  • Enter the amount you wish to fund your casino account with
  • Enter the card information, like name, voucher code, card number, a unique CVV code, and expiration date (only for the first time)
  • Confirm the transaction details and click Pay Now or a relevant button

CFT deposits are instant in most cases. Notably, card details differ depending on the issuer and the type of card issued. For instance, prepaid cards have a voucher code and do not require an input of account number or cardholder’s name.

Some card providers impose fees on players making deposits. In other cases, the casino incurs this cost. The service charge may range from 2.5% to 5% up to a certain figure.

Deposit with CFT (Card Funds Transfer)
How to make a withdrawal with Card Funds Transfer

How to make a withdrawal with Card Funds Transfer

So, you’ve won some money after playing new online casino games. Here are simple instructions to request a payout at a CFT casino:

  • Log in to your casino account and go to the cashier
  • Select the payout button
  • If the account is yet to be verified, submit your ID and any other proof of ownership
  • Choose CFT for withdrawal
  • Provide your card details if this is your first time withdrawing via CFT
  • Input the winnings to redeem into cash
  • Submit the details and wait for the casino’s approval

During a withdrawal request, your screen will show a breakdown of your winnings and the exact amount to be disbursed. Any fees, either by the casino or card provider, will also be displayed.

Most CFT withdrawals are processed instantly. Allow a few days for the transaction to show on your statement. It is worth noting that prepaid cards are not eligible for withdrawal, so players using prepaid cards for deposits might need a different withdrawal method.

How to make a withdrawal with Card Funds Transfer
Safety & Security at CFT

Safety & Security at CFT

One thing that makes CFT perfect for casino gambling is its high level of security. For instance, players are protected under zero liability in case of a loss. Usually, CFT is not linked to a bank account, adding an extra layer of protection. That you can top up your casino account swiftly makes this method safe and convenient. Most card funds transfer systems are anonymous; hence, you don’t need to enter sensitive data on the new casino website.

Credit card theft is real, but choosing a secure site is critical. New CFT casinos use innovative technologies to encode personal information to mitigate the risk, making it indecipherable. Encrypted data cannot be used even if it is stolen. Even the simplest encryption of 64-bit, which is now considered obsolete, would take about five years to crack.

Most CFT casinos online use 256-bit or 128-bit encryption technology that would take centuries to break. Simply put, your information is safe, even if someone hacks into a casino.

Safety & Security at CFT

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